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Sunday Pundit Pro-Am: Public land, public health, child refugees ...

First Published      Last Updated Jul 28 2014 01:56 pm

Calvin Trillin (who must be smart because he was born in the same town I was) refers to the people who talk a lot on the Sunday morning TV shows as "the Sabbath gasbags."

The people who write for the Sunday newspapers, of course, are much more worth your time.

Would you like to go first, George? Why, yes, thank you very much.

America, where the good guys sometimes go to jail — George Pyle | The Salt Lake Tribune

" ... More than a few Americans, in Utah and elsewhere, have noticed the double standard applied in these parts to those who protest selflessly, in support of the greater good, and those who protest selfishly, in furtherance of their own economic or recreational goals.

"The former go to jail, for a night or for years, because they are relatively easy to arrest. Sometimes, getting arrested is the whole point. It calls attention to your cause and, possibly, wins sympathy for the protest and scorn for those in power. ..."

Congress must act to limit wild horse range damage — Thad Box | For The Logan Herald Journal

" ... Millions of taxpayer dollars are spent as feral horses overgraze our ranges or stand captive in horse prisons. The greatest cost, overgrazing damage by horses, has not been assigned a monetary cost. Congress protects feral horses and burros until they die — on the range or in a pen. Rangelands suffer. ..."


Don't lose children in political crossfire — Steve Klemz | For The Salt Lake Tribune

"The children who have come to our border are a gift. In fact, according to my faith tradition, they are a holy gift, calling people of faith into the holy work of hospitality. ..."

Border crisis presents cruelty's many sides — Jay Evensen | The Deseret News

"We're talking about children.

"That makes all the difference in the latest border war to the south. It colors how we react, and it sets a high bar for anyone trying to argue for sending the kids back. ..."


Health centers can't replace Medicaid expansion — Alan Pruhs | For The Salt Lake Tribune

"While our policy makers continue to debate Medicaid expansion, Utah's 13 Health Center organizations struggle to meet the needs and demands of our existing uninsured patients. Some have suggested that Utah does not need Medicaid expansion based on the work of Health Centers. We do not agree. We know expansion is vitally important to the health and well-being of low-income families and to Utah's economy. ..."

Lawn poisons a big price to pay for the look of perfection — Brian Moench — For The Ogden Standard-Examiner

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