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Pundits ponder plight of the poor ...

First Published      Last Updated Jul 23 2014 11:32 am

Taking a snapshot survey, poll or impression of anything can be dangerous.

Today, for example, many of the heathen editorial writers around the west are worried about what we are, or are not, doing unto the least of these. While the state's faith and family newspaper examines the concerns of the money changers.

Like I said, a snapshot.

Utah's child-poverty trend is cause for alarm — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"One in six Utah children lives in poverty. Actually, it may be more than that. That number, presented in the Annie E. Casey Foundation's annual Kids Count report, is from 2011. But the trend is not good. ...

"... Utah traditionally has received higher marks for child health and stable families to overcome lower marks for education, where the state trails the national average in pre-school attendance and high school dropout rates.

"But poverty, defined as a family of four earning less than $22,350 annually, has been dragging us down. ..."

Welcome a planned rehab center — Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

"Residents in South Ogden should not fear a proposed residential addiction treatment facility replacing what was once a monastery property for nuns. Some residents of an upscale neighborhood have protested the planned rehab facility. ..."

A bleak picture of child poverty in Oregon — David Sarasohn — The Oregonian

"If there were a town named Poverty, mused Tonia Hunt of Children First for Oregon, it would be the largest city in Oregon. Its population would run heavily to children, because a higher percentage of Oregon's children are poor than other age groups. ..."

— Limousine liberalism's good works — Catherine Rampell | The Washington Post | sltrib.com

"Is it hypocritical for a really, really rich person to object to rising inequality? ..."

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's latest political stunt — Los Angeles Daily News Editorial

"Gov. Rick Perry's plan to put 1,000 Texas National Guard on the U.S.-Mexico border to deal with the mass of Central American child migrants is nothing but a political stunt that will not help resolve the problem.

" 'I won't stand idly by while our citizens are under assault and little children from Central America are detained in squalor,' he said in announcing the effort on Monday.

"Assault from an influx of children, many who haven't gone through puberty or are fleeing violence and poverty? What are these troops going to do at the border — tie shoes and pass out diapers? ..."

Santa Clara County leaders reach out to kids — San Jose Mercury News Editorial

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