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Problems where police meet drugs ...

First Published      Last Updated Jul 21 2014 06:21 pm

My experience shows we need better pain care — Lynn Webster | For The Salt Lake Tribune

"The morning of Aug. 27, 2010 is a vivid one for me. On that day, nine men and women — some with guns in their holsters and all wearing black jackets emblazoned with "DEA" or "POLICE" — trooped into the Salt Lake City pain clinic where I served as medical director. ...

" ... After four long years of reviewing the facts, the U.S. Attorney declined the case, citing insufficient evidence to proceed with any allegations or charges. The finality of the investigation is a great relief to my family and me. Even so, I still feel uneasy. People suffering from debilitating pain see no relief in sight, only hopelessness. For their sake, we need to find a better way. ..."

Drug warriors continue to defend the indefensible — George Pyle | The Salt Lake Tribune

"The people who are in charge of enforcing the law in Ogden were refreshingly candid in their review of the tragic events of Jan. 4, 2012. ...

" ... That was the night that one police officer was killed, several others were wounded, and one troubled pot grower — who was little threat to anyone until the police broke down his door with their assault weapons — was shot and dragged off to jail.

"Where he committed suicide a year and a half later.

"Clearly, the raid was a giant cluster kerfuffle from the beginning. ..."

Compromise let Tribune get to the truth of Ogden raid mistakes — Terry Orme | The Salt Lake Tribune

"A reporter wants information; a public agency doesn't want to provide it.

"Sometimes we work it out, often with the help of a decision from the state Records Committee that arbitrates such disputes. Sometimes the standoff ends in court, with an expensive, protracted legal fight. It's a common conflict — part of the role journalism plays in a democracy.

"On Thursday, the front page of The Salt Lake Tribune carried a story that was the result of another process — a compromise that saved taxpayers, and the paper, a lot of money and time. ..."

Police detail what went wrong in fatal shootout with Matthew David Stewart — Jessica Miller | The Salt Lake Tribune

Ogden Shooting Review Summary — Ogden City Police Department

This is your government on drugs. Any questions? — Jonathan Blanks | For The Washington Post

" ... As people in recovery might suggest, getting past entrenched denial is a requisite first step toward fixing America's drug war problem. ..."

Panel supports early release for 46K drug felons — Eric Tucker | The Associated Press / sltrib.com

"Tens of thousands of federal inmates serving time for drug crimes may be eligible for early release under a cost-cutting proposal adopted Friday that would dramatically reduce the nation's prison population over time. ..."