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Western Pundits: Blessed are the peacemakers ...

First Published      Last Updated Jul 10 2014 12:07 pm

A little "Can't we all just get along" sugar from the editorial writing community today. On the border, among police officers, for the sage grouse, in the Islamic world and — most importantly, of course — at the football stadium.

No more fighting over Ute fight song — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

" ... University President David Pershing made the correct academic call when he ruled recently that the official version of the Ute fight song will see several changes to properly accommodate modern sensibilities.

"But Pershing also rightly made it clear that there will be no Song Police at U. football games or other festivities. That he hopes that students, alumni, fans and friends will belt out whatever version of the song gets them in the proper fighting mood. ..."

Several European programs offer hope through solutions for religious extremism — Deseret News Editorial

"The rise of Islamic radicalism has prompted many observers to seek a greater prominence of moderate Muslim voices. The difficulty has been in identifying those voices and finding ways to steer practitioners of Islam away from extremism. Recent efforts in Europe are demonstrating innovative approaches to the problem — which could provide a model for others seeking workable solutions. ..."

Migrant children need compassion — Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

" ... The sight of activists surrounding buses trying to move these migrants, waving protest signs, and screaming hostile rhetoric at these youngsters, is very disheartening. It is completely inappropriate to see in these children any threat to our nation's security. Any public exertion should be directed toward making these children's lives as comfortable as possible under these circumstances. ..."

Room for common ground in Dallas — Fort Worth Star-Telegram Editorial

" ... It's clear that the president and the governor disagree about some policies to address the crisis, but it seems evident that both desire a swift response. ..."

Compassion and strength at the U.S. border — Denver Post Editorial

Obama, Congress must seek humane solutions for border children — Kansas City Star Editorial

Sage grouse plan strikes the right balance — Casper Star-Tribune Editorial

"Wyoming's plan to balance sage grouse protection and the state's energy future isn't perfect, particularly, probably, if you're a sage grouse.

"But perfect is unrealistic. Federal land managers, the state and others needed to balance a variety of interests, including that of the sage grouse, and they accomplished their goal. ..."

How can CHP pummeling be excused? — Los Angeles Daily News Editorial

"The head of the California Highway Patrol Commission, Joseph Farrow, admitted that the stomach-churning cellphone video of one of the agency's officers pummeling a homeless woman as she tries to block him with her arms wounded his organization.

"It did. It also raised serious questions about how officers deal with unstable individuals who can be seen as vulnerable or dangerous and how independent the investigation into the incident will be. ..."

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