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Vernal preserves its precious bodily fluids ...

First Published      Last Updated Jul 08 2014 02:18 pm

It's probably been about seven years since I used the familiar Mark Twain quote in an editorial about how important water is, especially in the arid West.

So I thought I could use it again. It still fits.

But then I went to see "Dr. Strangelove" last night, the first in this summer's series of free movies at the Gallivan Center.

Now I wonder if I should have used the "precious bodily fluids" bit.

Next time, maybe.

Uintah County draws the line at threat to water supply — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

" 'Whiskey is for drinking. Water is for fighting over.' — Mark Twain

"There probably is not a lot of whiskey in Utah's Uintah County. But there's not a whole lot of water, either.

"Which is why the good news from that neck of the woods is that local folks are not fighting, but coming together to protect their public water supply from what is, so far, only a possible threat. ..."