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The best kind of family? That ain’t the way I heared it ...

First Published      Last Updated Jul 07 2014 06:00 pm

So you can go with this:

World Congress of Families is not a hate group — Paul Mero | For The Salt Lake Tribune

" ... The World Congress of Families is about one thing and one thing only: A celebration that family is the fundamental unit of society. Its longstanding statement on family is pulled directly from Article 16-3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations — hardly a 'hate group' ..."

Or you can go with that:

Largest-ever study of same-sex couples' kids finds they're better off than other children — German Lopez | Vox

" ... A new study of 315 same-sex parents and 500 children in Australia found that, after correcting for socioeconomic factors, the children fared well on several measures, including asthma, dental care, behavioral issues, learning, sleep, and speech. ..."