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For Immediate Release: InstaPunditry on the Hobby Lobby decision

First Published      Last Updated Jun 30 2014 04:10 pm

Hobby Lobby ruling shows why employer-based health care should end — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"Anything that stands in the way of the universal availability of medically sound methods of contraception stands in the way of the rights of women and, therefore, the rights of humanity.

"And if, as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday in the Hobby Lobby case, some corporations can refuse to cover medically sound methods of contraception by claiming the religious freedom of 'persons,' that is yet another reason for the United States to move away from its status as the only nation where employer-provided health care is the norm. ..."

Supreme Court: Employers can opt out of contraception coverage — AP | sltrib.com

Burwell vs Hobby Lobby — U.S. Supreme Court

Five faith takeaways from the Hobby Lobby case — Religious News Service

"1. Corporations can't pray, but they do have religious rights. ..."

Hatch applauds Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling based on his law — Thomas Burr | The Salt Lake Tribune

Supreme Court right to protect free exercise of religion — Deseret News Editorial

"On Monday, the Supreme Court upheld the free exercise of religion in a ruling involving the retail chain Hobby Lobby and its objection to abortion-inducing contraceptives. The decision is substantial in its own right, and delivers a rebuke to the Obama administration's conduct respecting people of faith. And it accentuates this country's long-standing commitment to religious liberty. ..."

Hobby Lobby decision means all can play the religion card — Denver Post Editorial

"In its Hobby Lobby decision Monday, the Supreme Court offered for-profit corporations an unprecedented — and unnecessary — ability to opt out of general legal mandates if their owners believe the rules violate their religious faith.

"It's an unfortunate ruling that is likely to play out in ways that no one can predict. ..."

Read Justice Ginsburg's Passionate 35-Page Dissent of Hobby Lobby Decision — Abby Ohlheiser | The Wire

Obamacare's birth control mandate's big day in court — Vox

Hobby Lobby Won the Contraception Case, but the Christian Right Lost a Major PR Battle — Amanda Marcotte | Slate

In Hobby Lobby Ruling, a Court So Wrong in So Many Ways — Sally Kohn | The Daily Beast

" ... both companies say they don't object to all contraception, simply drugs or intrauterine devices that prevent pregnancy after fertilization, contraceptive methods that folks on the right mis-label and malign as 'abortifacients.' That characterization is factually, scientifically untrue. In fact, it's worth noting that Hobby Lobby actually provided the contraception coverage before it dropped it and decided to sue. For the Court to even get to its ruling that the contraception mandate "substantially burdens" the exercise of religion, it has to believe this bunk science. Moreover, in a free and secular society, birth control is about medicine and science and personal health, not religion. ..."

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