State of the Debate

Pundits, armed only with their sparkling wit ...

First Published      Last Updated Jun 25 2014 05:18 pm

Anti-SWAT bill would legislate first, ask questions later — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"A Utah congressman has proposed legislation to protect the American people from something that may not exist. But, because Rep. Chris Stewart's bill includes a command that an independent body ferret out the truth about the alleged pandemic of federal SWAT teams, it is probably worth passing into law. ..."

Guns In, Liberty Out — Twin Falls (Idaho) Times-News Editorial

"Idaho lawmakers didn't care whom they offended when they rammed through the 2014 session's worst policy. But the most significant result of Idaho's ill-conceived guns on campus law is the expansion of the police state into our public colleges and universities, plain and simple. ..."

Expanded background checks won't end U.S. gun violence — Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial

"Gun control advocates have filed an initiative to require background checks for private-party firearm sales in Nevada. If the groups behind the drive collect enough valid signatures to gain a vote on their petition, they'll still have to overcome the strongest argument against expanded background checks: the fact that determined lawbreakers who want a gun will not respect the laws written to disarm them. ..."

— Initiative may be the way to get background checks on the books — Steve Sebelius | For The Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Unless you're prepared to argue that all gun-purchase background checks are illegal under the Second Amendment, you have no reason to oppose the latest initiative petition filed in Nevada. ..."

Kansas principal says efforts to arm teachers are foolish — G.A. Buie | For The Kansas City Star

"Since the December 2012 tragedy in Newtown, Conn., legislators in numerous states across the country have made good on their promise to introduce legislation to allow school officials to carry guns in school.

"The debate hit my home state of Kansas last April, and it fell to insurance companies to provide a voice of reason and ultimately refuse to cover schools where officials were permitted to carry firearms. Now that the Missouri legislature has sent a similar bill to the governor's desk, it is time for another reality check. ..."

If only someone could have kept Elliot Rodger from his guns — Sacramento Bee Editorial

"Long before Elliot Rodger broke down and committed mass murder in Santa Barbara, people around him knew that he was psychologically troubled and possibly armed. ..."

No guns in Toppenish schools — Seattle Times Editorial

"Disturbing headlines about student violence are no excuse for arming Toppenish School District employees for the next school year. ..."

Legislating Ignorance About Guns — New York Times Editorial

"Eighteen months and dozens of school shootings after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., public-health experts still lack basic information on the roots of gun violence and how best to prevent it.

"And if pro-gun members of Congress have their way, it will stay that way. ..."

Dallas County must seize guns from domestic abusers — Dallas Morning News Editorial