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This week’s vocabulary word: ‘Excommunication’ ...

First Published      Last Updated Jun 17 2014 04:46 pm

[Above: I can't say for sure. But I would imagine this is NOT how the LDS Church does it. If it were, they'd now have to hire Russell Crowe, I'd imagine.]

The long vocabulary word of the week appears to be "excommunication." And it does not mean someone who changed majors from communications to, say, engineering.

Kicked out of the Mormon church? Who, me? — Robert Kirby | The Salt Lake Tribune

"I heard a rumor that I might be excommunicated by the LDS Church. ... It only made sense. Kelly and Dehlin are perhaps better Latter-day Saints than me, and I write horribly rude things about fellow Mormons all the time. ..."

Founder of Mormon women's group threatened with excommunication — Peggy Fletcher Stack | The Salt Lake Tribune

"Mormon feminist, returned missionary and temple-attending member Kate Kelly cherishes her church — so much so that she desires to play an even bigger role in it.

"Now Kelly may lose her place in the faith altogether.

"The founder of the Ordain Women movement, which has been asking LDS leaders to let women join Mormonism's all-male priesthood, has been threatened with excommunication.

"Utahn John Dehlin, who created a popular website and podcast series called 'Mormon Stories,' which explores historical and social issues such as gay rights, received a similar summons this week. ..."

Mormon bloggers unite behind Kelly, Dehlin — The Salt Lake Tribune

After 20 years, this excommunicated Mormon still attends her LDS ward — The Salt Lake Tribune

"Lavina Fielding Anderson may have been excommunicated from the LDS Church for apostasy more than 20 years ago, but don't think for a minute that this Utah writer is now an outsider to her faith.

"Truth is, she has never stopped attending her Mormon ward. ..."

The Mormon question now: Who might be next? — The Salt Lake Tribune

Changing the church: How Ordain Women gets it wrong — Ashley Isaacson Woolley | For The Salt Lake Tribune

"As an LDS graduate of Harvard Divinity School, which trains clergy and religious scholars, I might be expected to align with those who believe the LDS Church should ordain women. I do not. While I respect their opinions and desires, I do not share them. More importantly, I am uncomfortable with their methods for seeking change in the church, which work well for other causes like civil rights campaigns in the public square but are, in my view, inappropriate for advancing personal views in the LDS Church. ..."

Thanks to Kate Kelly's bishop, I have my daughter back — David Mason | For The Salt Lake Tribune

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