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What the pundits say: There oughta be a law ...

First Published      Last Updated May 28 2014 11:55 am

[Above: Vox.com updates Schoolhouse Rock.]

Like the congressman in the old Schoolhouse Rock cartoon, "I'm Just a Bill," editorial writers and their friends today are saying, about many things, "You're right. There oughta be a law."

Time to crack down on fraudulent 'BizOps' — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"It would be proper karma indeed for an 'industry' that has done so much to undermine Utahns' faith in their attorney general's office — and, in the process, in their government as a whole — if the Legislature were to crack down on those businesses' most disgraceful practices.

"But revenge is not the reason why state Sen. Curt Bramble is right to start the process of writing new laws that would make it easier to prosecute the bad apples in a relatively new kind of enterprise known as business-opportunity enterprises. Or BizOps, for short. ...

It's time to toughen penalties for wildlife crimes — Casper Star-Tribune Editorial

"For too many poachers, the decision they make to break the law is an economic one. The value of poaching treasured mounts for sale is worth more than fines they'll will face if they get caught.

"That's not right. It's time to make poachers more likely to face punishment other than a blow to their wallets. ..."

IRS targeting makes case for simpler tax code — Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial

" ... At the heart of the matter is a tax code that is ridiculously complex and an IRS that is simply too powerful because of it. The agency's job is to collect tax revenue, not silence political opposition. ..."

Antiquated, burdensome laws hurt craft brewers — Evan Feinberg | For The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

" ... The worst example is the "three-tier" distribution system, a Prohibition-era regulatory system set up to protect big beer distribution companies. These laws prevent small breweries from distributing and selling their own beer — forcing them to sign deals with powerful companies that have costly distribution licenses. If you can't sell your own product, it's difficult to get your business off the ground. ..."

New law regulates OSSAA — Tulsa World Editorial

"Gov. Mary Fallin did the right thing when she signed House Bill 2730 into law last week.

"The measure forces transparency on school athletic associations, in particular the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association, which represents more than 450 public and private high schools. ..."

Or that there already is a law, and it oughta be obeyed.

Judge should release courtroom testimony central to case against Angel Garcia — Deseret News Editorial [No, not that kind of testimony.]

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