State of the Debate

Pundits: Something must be done! (Except when it mustn’t.)

First Published      Last Updated May 22 2014 12:19 pm

Some editorial writers today see things that must be done:

Rio Grande area suffers a web of woes — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

" ... So Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank is looking at the growing storm of pathologies in the city's Rio Grande Depot district and pledging to use the main tool in his belt — allocating police officers — to deal with those problems.

"But even the best, most concentrated efforts of the police will only go so far unless many other tools are also applied to the problem. Burbank's efforts will be little more than a stronger finger in a very leaky dike unless the city and other responsible parties bring more resources to bear. ..."

Obama must fix VA scandal — Ogden Standard-Examiner

" ... The president has spent most of his term trying to fix shortcomings in the private sector health care industry. Now he has the opportunity to fix problems with Veterans Affairs hospitals. This is an appropriate action; his administration is responsible for the VA and its conduct. ..."

­— Amid climate change, focus on energy industries' future — Casper Star-Tribune Editorial

" ... Like all others, our energy industry is about supply and demand. We can supply all we want, but it won't change the fact that we're still subject to our customers' whims. California, wisely accepting that we are indeed contributing to our changing climate, wants green power. If we want to collect on that, the smart thing to do is adapt, regardless of how we feel about that state's choices. ..."

Some see things that need to be slowed down, stopped cold or just left the hell alone:

Decision about validity of marriages during 17-day period of chaos should be delayed for now — Deseret News Editorial

"The debate over same-sex marriage has been hotly contested in Utah since December. On Monday, another federal district court compounded the chaos, with a decision that threatens to return Utah to the uncertain days of late last year. ..."

Don't arm Missouri teachers — Kansas City Star Editorial

"A gun bill passed by the Missouri General Assembly would open the door to teachers carrying concealed weapons in classrooms. It should go to the top of Gov. Jay Nixon's veto list. ..."

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation should get out of the way of sane state marijuana laws — Seattle Times Editorial

"The federal government's response to the marijuana revolt brewing on the state level should carry a warning label. Beware: signs of impaired decision-making, with erratic policy-swerving and conflicting statements. ..."