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The Ponderers: The Great Outdoors, and how we muck it up ...

First Published      Last Updated May 13 2014 01:28 pm

ATV riders do damage to a bad cause — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"Imagine how history might have turned out if Rosa Parks had been brandishing an automatic weapon when she boarded that bus in Montgomery, Ala., all those years ago.

"Instead of being honored for all time as an accidental founder of the American Civil Rights Movement, she almost certainly would have been dismissed as a kook and a hoodlum. The whole movement for which she stands as an inspiration could well have died then and there. ...

" ... The cause of those who carried automatic weapons, protest signs, Don't Tread On Me flags and, worst of all, their own children Saturday on a clearly illegal ATV ride through Recapture Canyon near Blanding does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the Civil Rights Movement.

"Except to point out how the tactics of those who demand the right to play with their expensive toys on land that they have absolutely no legal right to traverse are clearly destructive of a goal that was utterly without merit to begin with. ..."

Let Utah's cattle graze — Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

"A legal effort from two environmentalist groups ultimately designed to halt cattle grazing in Capitol Reef National Park in Utah is the kind of "policy-by-lawsuit" nonsense that gives environmentalism a bad name in parts of the West. ..."

BLM once again lacks horse sense — Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial

"Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, not everyone learns from them.

"Take the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. The agency's oversight of the West's wild horses has been defined by failure after expensive failure. Far from an endangered species, the creatures are crowding livestock and wildlife from rangelands, trampling terrain and multiplying to the point that herds are starving to death. ..."

Head for hills without buying an Adventure Pass — Los Angeles Daily News Editorial

"It's been more than two years since the United States Ninth Circuit Court ruled the United States Forest Service's absurd, desperate 'Adventure Pass' illegal, but the rangers here wouldn't listen. ..."

Game and Fish might get needed funds, but at what cost? — Casper Star-Tribune Editorial

" ... Now, with Gov. Matt Mead's support, the department could see more and more of its funding come from the state's general fund. We'll welcome a long-term solution to the Game and Fish's budget situation, but we worry: Will long-term general fund support make the Legislature so hands-on that its political involvement might strangle the department? ..."

Conserving water is job for everyone — Prescott (Ariz.) Daily Courier Editorial

" ... What's a community to do? The easy answer is self-imposed water conservation measures, such as low-flow showerheads and watering outside fewer days each week. Human nature says people do not change until circumstances directly affect them (read: water not coming out of the tap). ..."

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