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Western Editorials: Sperm and sprawl, pot and crackpots, the damage done ...

First Published      Last Updated Apr 28 2014 12:13 pm

Having said all there is to be said about racist, freeloading Nevada ranchers, editorialists around the region reach for other topics:

U. sperm-donor investigation leaves troubling questions — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"The University of Utah's current administration cannot be blamed for a rogue employee and poor management at a U. fertility clinic two decades ago, but the administration's underwhelming response is not something that can be pinned on the past. ..."

Utah's model for 'smart growth' and containing sprawl — Deseret News Editorial

" ... With regard to containing 'sprawl,' the key urban areas in Utah are in fact doing better than the national average. ..."

Marijuana continues march to mainstream — Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial

"Marijuana has gone mainstream. That's the lesson we can take from the outpouring of interest in medical marijuana businesses seen by Clark County last week. A total of 206 proposals were entered by 109 different companies for everything from dispensaries to grow houses to testing labs. ..."

Militias, Crackpots and Zealots — Twin Falls (Idaho) Times-News Editorial

"They used to be known as the political fringe. But, thanks to crackpot radio hosts, Internet conspiracy theories and a general mistrust of government, the vigilantes who call themselves "militias" have gone mainstream and are headed south to Twin Falls.

"The Idaho Lightfoot Militia is looking to recruit a 'battalion' in Twin Falls and has made a call for members. The organization, made up largely of former members of the military and retired police, see themselves as the last defense against federal incursion. It's all hogwash. ..."

Sinclair doesn't care about its dangerous refinery near Rawlins — Casper (Wyo.) Star-Tribune Editorial

" ... Despite years of safety problems that have burned away skin, left scars and damaged lives, Sinclair simply isn't doing what it takes to make the refinery a safe place to work, despite millions of dollars in fines. ..."

Beauty and carnage in Paradise Valley — Billings (Mont.) Gazette Editorial

"Paradise Valley is where buffalo roam and the deer and antelope play. As the only year-round route into Yellowstone National Park, Highway 89 is used by more than a million park visitors annually. ... More than half of the motor vehicle crashes along that highway involve wildlife. ..."