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First Published      Last Updated Apr 24 2014 01:42 pm

(Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune) A national report based on University of Utah research has been released dealing with the effects of sprawl. More dense development, it says, actually leads to longer life, improved health, makes people more upwardly mobile economically, and leads to lower overall cost of living. It boosts work by local planners seeking to cluster development around transit stations. Here construction continues on a large housing development in the Sugarhouse area in Salt Lake City, Utah Wednesday, April 2, 2014.

There's been so much talk about Westerners who want to grab federally owned land, and their short-lived poster boy Cliven Bundy, that one might forget that most of us live in cities.

Maybe too many of us. And we're going to have to get ready.

Utah can't keep sprawling — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"If Utah is going to continue to lead the nation in baby-making, there is only one thing that will save us: smart growth. ..."

[Utah has second-fastest urban sprawl — Lee Davidson | The Salt Lake Tribune]

County, city growth talks right move — Spokane (Wash.) Spokesman-Review Editorial

" ... The effects of urban growth are widespread, affecting where traffic is funneled, where children attend schools, and whether police and fire can respond in a timely fashion. Wise growth improves economic prospects for everyone.

"Turf wars undermine a simple truth: We're in it together."

Cities form cradles of progressivism — Harold Meyerson | Special to The Washington Post

" ... Obama's agenda may be stymied at the federal level, but in city after city, municipal versions of minimum- or living-wage increases, curtailment of immigrant deportations and the construction of green infrastructure are underway. ..."

Things conservatives hate because liberals love them — Jamelle Bouie | Slate

" ... To the right-wing, mass transit is just another liberal attempt to force Americans into a kind of brutalist conformity. ..."

Going the wrong way on Colorado HOV, toll lane policies — Denver Post Editorial

It's too soon to expand toll lane program — Los Angeles Daily News Editorial



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