State of the Debate

Pundit Roundup: Westerners are revolting ...

First Published      Last Updated Apr 22 2014 11:26 am

Western politicians conspire to lead us astray — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"A pair of related questions for which there is no good answer:

"Do the elected officials in some Western states who continue to claim that a state takeover of millions of acres of federally owned land is both wise and possible believe what they are saying?

"Or are they deliberately tantalizing voters with a promise they know will never be fulfilled, gaining political mileage by pretending to stand up to Big, Bad Washington in a futile — and, for those politicians, risk-free — gesture of defiance? ..."

[Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover — Salt Lake Tribune]

Plan for federal lands — St. George Spectrum Editorial

" ... Yes, states will bring in money based on development, mineral taxes and other revenue streams. But that income may pale in comparison to the expense that would come with a single wildfire — an all-too-often occurrence in the American West. If the states want to manage the land, they first should have to come up with a plan for dealing with the management issues that often arise, with fires being only one part of that equation. ..."

Don't treat land takeover lightly — Prescott (Ariz.) Daily Courier Editorial

" ... We like living in the West for the open spaces we enjoy, but a question central to the issue of taking over control of those spaces is, do not our fellow citizens in the other 49 states have rights to those lands too? ..."

— Cliven — David Fitzsimmons | Arizona Daily Star

"If Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy was an armed inner city black man who refused to pay his rent for years, surrounded himself with a gang of armed extremists who threatened lawmen, and claimed his landlord's property claim was "illegitimate" he would have be branded a "pinhead" and a "parasite" and held up to endless ridicule. But in the world of conservative media...."

Nevada's cattle and the federal government — Pamela Openshaw | Provo Daily Herald

" ... Western states need not be Cinderella step-sisters; they have the rights to their territories, just as do eastern states. Bundy deserves the support of his governor, county sheriff, and Utah, as well."

BLM's cattle battle ends — for now — Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial

" ... The problem isn't cattle grazing fees nor saving the tortoise. It's that the federal government owns too much land — more than 80 percent of Nevada — and is completely incapable of managing it. The BLM would be wise to follow its Saturday tactic and withdraw from more federal land — by selling it to local owners, who would be far better caretakers."

Bundy is no victor — Las Vegas Sun Editorial

" ... It is deeply troubling that people, particularly some politicians, fail to see the seriousness of this and have tried to paint Bundy as a heroic figure. What they are saying is you can pick and choose which laws and court orders to follow, and with enough force, you can get away with it. ..."