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First Published      Last Updated Apr 11 2014 01:34 pm

Rejection of Medicaid reflects an ugliness of spirit — Paul Krugman | The New York Times

" ... But nobody expects to see a lot of prominent Republicans declaring that rejecting Medicaid expansion is wrong, that caring for Americans in need is more important than scoring political points against the Obama administration. As I said, there's an extraordinary ugliness of spirit abroad in today's America, which health reform has brought out into the open.

"And that revelation, not reform itself — which is going pretty well — is the real Obamacare nightmare."

Obamacare's 'success' doesn't hold up to scrutiny — Deseret News Editorial

" ... The stated purpose of the Affordable Care Act was to provide coverage for all Americans, over 40 million of whom, by most estimates, have no health insurance. The 7.1 million signups constitute less than one-fifth of that number. In academic terms, a score less than 20 percent is clearly a failing grade. ..."

Sen. Udall says of Obamacare vote: 'I would do it again' — Colorado Springs Gazette Editorial

"Sen. Mark Udall told Coloradans on Wednesday he would cast the winning vote for Obamacare all over again. So we assume he didn't get the memo - the one that says the health care law is a public policy flop for the ages. ..."

Give Kathleen Sebelius credit — she survived the furnace — Barbara Shelly | The Kansas City Star

" ... Health care reform has been like a big boulder scraping up a hill. And there's a long distance yet to climb. But the system is fairer and better now than it was when President Barack Obama began his push five years ago, and Sebelius has been in the middle of it all.

"Someday, not too long from now, Sebelius will assume a comfortable spot in history as Obama's HHS secretary during the epic health care wars. She voluntarily entered the furnace, and she stood in with a measure of grace. ..."

Utah's Medicaid reform has been a quiet success — Dan Liljenquist | For The Deseret News

"Lost in the nearly two-year debate over whether Utah should expand its Medicaid program has been the successful rollout of Utah's Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). The Medicaid ACOs are worth another look. ..."

Abusing Both Medicare and Politics — New York Times Editorial

" ... Earlier this week, the Medicare system for the first time released a list of its payments to individual doctors, showing that just a few doctors accounted for a huge fraction of Medicare payments. As Frances Robles and Eric Lipton of The Times reported on Thursday, two of those doctors had given lavishly to Democratic politicians in hopes of getting Medicare investigators off their backs. ..."

ACA accolades — Philadelphia Daily News Editorial

"Last week marked a definite milestone, and perhaps a tipping point, in the drive to offer Americans better access to health insurance. With the number of people enrolled in new, individual plans under the Affordable Care Act topping 7 million, the law has gained a level of acceptance that makes all the effort it took to get here worthwhile. ..."

Obamacare's true numbers reveal failure — Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial

" ... The sad truth about Obamacare: It largely has resulted in a churning of the insured. The law forced the cancellation of coverage for millions of people, who were then forced to buy a new, more expensive, Obamacare-compliant policy. An extensive study released Tuesday by Rand Corp. backs that up, estimating that only about one-third of exchange sign-ups were previously uninsured. ..."

This 32-Year-Old Florida Woman Is Dead Because Her State Refused To Expand Medicaid — Think Progress

— When staring down Medicare Advantage, try not to blink — Bloomberg View