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In the Punditsphere: Focus falls on Jeb and Hillary ...

First Published      Last Updated Apr 10 2014 12:04 pm

Forgive the overly familiar language. But referring to the two apparent front-runners in the 2016 presidential race as Bush and Clinton just isn't specific enough.

Jeb Bush dares the GOP to embrace immigration reform — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

" ... Over the weekend, Jeb seemed to double dog dare his party to decide whether it really wants him to run by stating positions that are not new to him, but considered anathema to the ruling tea party wing of the Republican Party. ..."

Immigration as 'an act of love' — Deseret News Editorial

"Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's recent remarks on the motives that have brought millions of immigrants to the United States offer a thoughtful perspective on an issue that is as much about compassion and humanitarianism as it is about the rule of law. ..."

The Good Bush Son's turn — Maureen Dowd | The New York Times

" ... Jeb's father desperately wants him to run, and his mother now says it would be OK, despite her reservations about two families trading Air Force One back and forth. ..."

Jeb lacks the tea party's anger — Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post

" ... Jeb Bush is not angry; he just wants to change things (education, immigration). Maybe that is not going to cut it in today's GOP. But consider whether a demeanor devoid of anger and victimization is more likely to attract an electoral majority. Reagan's sunny outlook was preferable to the dour Jimmy Carter. George W. Bush was the guy people wanted to have a beer with, not the stiff Al Gore or the pompous John Kerry. ..."

Jeb Bush's Act of Love — Francis Wilkinson | Bloomberg View

" ... The last time Republican presidential contestants debated immigration, an electrified fence was casually proposed, and no one onstage blinked. There is no question that Bush understood the risk he undertook in discussing love in a time of choleric. The former Florida governor was intentionally defiant. ..."

The hard question for Hillary: Why run for president? — John Dickerson | Slate

" ... No candidate wants to fail the question Roger Mudd famously put to Ted Kennedy in 1979. Mudd asked why Kennedy was running against incumbent Democrat Jimmy Carter, and the senator didn't have much of an answer. ..."

The tea leaves suggest Hillary Clinton would be a formidable candidate — Steve Paul | The Kansas City Star

" ... But, according to demographics and polling, it's all uphill for the GOP...."

How a six-year-old left Hillary Clinton speechless — In the Loop | The Washington Post

" ... 'In 2016, would you prefer to be called Madam President or Mrs. President?' the child asked through a moderator at an event in Portland, Ore.

(Okay, for the sticklers, yes, 2017 would be the year for such choices – but the kid is 6 and delightfully precocious.)

Applause and laughter followed, as Clinton sat smiling, but never answering. She leaned into the moderator and said it was a really good question. As she got up and walked off stage, she paused, looked at the audience and offered an exaggerated shrug.

To the young questioner, the Loop believes you have a promising future in political journalism."