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Extension of remarks: Pundits in the animal kingdom ...

First Published      Last Updated Apr 01 2014 12:50 pm

"No-kill" animal shelters are attainable goal — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"Pets can be wonderful companions, helping humans to be healthier, happier and more engaged with life.

"But, like all good things, there can be too many cats, dogs, horses, bunnies, ferrets and other domestic animals. Having a pet is like any other commitment or responsibility: Some people can handle it, and some people should never even try. ..."

The fight for life — Robert Kirby | Salt Lake Tribune

" ... I'm a fairly cold-hearted guy, but I didn't see any point in killing animals who were locked up and no longer a threat or a problem. ..."

Utah animal shelters announce statewide no-kill initiative — Salt Lake Tribune

'Ruff' job awaits new SPCA president — Delaware County (Penn.) Daily Times Editorial

" ... Now, the last thing you want to hear about is the local police responding to the SPCA to settle disputes between volunteers and those who run the facility. But for the second time in less than a month, the West Goshen Police Department has been called to the shelter to resolve an altercation between staff and volunteers. ..."

Shelter makes progress in cutting kill rate — Las Crusces (N.M.) Sun News Editorial

" ... Effective spay and neuter programs remain the most effective method of dealing with our pet overpopulation problem. To that end, the county recently passed a new animal control ordinance that now requires a permit for cats and dogs that have not been sterilized. ..."


Federal officials have cried 'fish' and 'mouse' too often — Colorado Springs Gazette Editorial

"Humanity should respect other species and make reasonable efforts to protect them. We don't want a world without bald eagles or wood ducks, so we've rightly sacrificed to save them.

"But the culture's sensitivity to wildlife protection is jeopardized when taken for granted, abused or exploited by those with disingenuous motives. If Americans hear of too many special mice that aren't really special, or of rare fish that aren't rare, they'll stop trusting the experts who make such claims. ..."

A dead eagle is a dead eagle — Casper Star-Tribune Editorial

"A dead eagle is a dead eagle.

"On this, we agree with House Republicans who want more information on whether the White House is holding wind farms to a different standard for eagle deaths than oil companies. They say the administration is deliberately keeping secret the number of protected birds killed by wind farms. ..."

Dog poop DNA in Boulder? Don't laugh just yet — Denver Post Editorial

"The knee-jerk response to a Boulder councilwoman's query about whether it would be feasible to require DNA samples from registered dogs so they can be compared to waste found on open space is of course ridicule. ..."