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The Swallow case: We told you so ...

First Published      Last Updated Mar 12 2014 06:50 pm

To their huge credit, it wasn't the Utah House of Representatives that we were arguing with.

House members were, from all appearances, just about as teed off about the way then-Attorney General John Swallow ran his office as were we on the Tribune Editorial Board.

They stuck with it, appointed a committee, hired investigators and, today, released a massive report on Swallow's many misdeeds.

So it is not meant as a dig at the House when we say, irresistibly,

"We told you so."

But, reading our editorial from last November cost about $3,999,999 less than the investigation.

The stink rises — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial, Nov. 15, 2013

" ...The Utah public's faith that the search for justice is the primary goal of their attorney general has been seriously tested, if not irreparably shattered. That not only damages the reputations of those top elected officials, it also makes it much more difficult for the professional attorneys on their staff, even those who are utterly blameless, to do the people's work every day. ..."

Report of the Special Investigative Committee, Utah House of Representatives, March 11, 2014

" ...While the corruption of any public office is unacceptable, the corruption of the office specifically tasked with ensuring equal justice under law is particularly harmful because it undermines the public's faith that justice in the State is being dispensed equally and without regard to economic, social or political status. ..."