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Extension of Remarks: Medicaid caught in political feuding ...

First Published      Last Updated Feb 28 2014 05:05 pm

Refusing Medicaid expansion is a dreadful idea — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"Gov. Gary Herbert's proposed 'Healthy Utah' alternative to the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion is a dog's dinner of denial, pipe dreams, contempt for the poor and lack of candor with the taxpayers of his state. ..."

Caring for the poor the Utah way, with responsibility and flexibility — Gov. Gary Herbert | For the Deseret News

"When it comes to taking care of Utahns living in poverty, Utah can craft a better solution than the federal government. ..."

Legislative Medicaid tiffs — Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

" ... As we have editorialized in the past, Utah should accept the administration's offer for Medicaid funding as it is outlined. It makes sense to get tax dollars back, particularly since Obamacare is a costly plan for states. However, both Herbert's "Healthy Utah" and the Senate plan are a lot better than the House plan, which should be quickly eliminated. It's ridiculous to deny uninsured Utahns decent health care insurance when the money is there to provide. ..."

Medicaid Expansion, Red-State Style — New York Times Editorial

"Some 20 states have refused to expand their Medicaid programs to cover uninsured low-income people, an important element of the health reform law. Now several states that had been opposed, mostly for ideological reasons, are seeking to cover newly eligible Medicaid beneficiaries through private insurance. ...

" ... The idea makes sense, politically and substantively, provided the coverage is comprehensive and there are safeguards to protect poor people from unaffordable premiums and co-payments. ..."

D'oh! Medicaid expansion is a no-brainer — St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial

" ...The evidence is overwhelming that expanding Medicaid would do more for the state's economy than any tax cut, plus save 700 lives a year, plus make people healthier. By failing to act, the Legislature is profoundly insulting the state and all of its residents, rich and poor alike."

Medicaid expansion could ease Louisiana's budget woes — New Orleans Times-Picayune Editorial

"Gov. Bobby Jindal has a convoluted plan to balance Louisiana's budget next year by borrowing $50 million in cash from the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans to help pay for health care and higher education....

" ...There's an easier way to bridge the gap in the state budget: Take the $16 billion in additional federal Medicaid money President Obama is offering through the Affordable Care Act...."

Indiana should expand Medicaid — Northwest Indiana Times Editorial

"Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's continued fight against expanding Medicaid coverage for Hoosiers remains a political football. But the ones getting tackled are uninsured Hoosiers. ..."

Medicaid expansion's demise is a shame — Biloxi (Miss.) Sun-Herald Editorial

"Medical care should be a right afforded to everyone in the state, but our state leaders continue to treat it as though it were a luxury, something that is nice … if you can afford it."

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