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Editorial Sampler: Then again, maybe they are all moral issues ...

First Published      Last Updated Feb 26 2014 04:03 pm

Utah pollution is a moral issue, too — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"When public health is threatened by a product that many Utah legislators see as evil, they agree to consider changing state law to keep that product out of the hands of young Utahns.

"On the other hand, when the same legislators are confronted by another health hazard, this one produced by large corporations not considered purveyors of an immoral substance, they find it difficult, indeed, to put limits on the amount of that toxic substance being consumed by even the youngest and most vulnerable residents. ..."

Cannabis bill is compassionate — Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

"A bill that makes available a hybrid form of cannabis as a treatment for children who suffer from a rare form of epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome, passed a Utah House committee late last week. House Bill 105, sponsored by Rep, Gage Froerer, R-Huntsville, makes a cannabis extract available to sufferers of the disease, who can have a life expectancy of 18 years or younger. ..."

Idaho's health care dithering comes with a high cost — Spokane Spokesman-Review Editorial (Though it sounds like it could be about Utah)

"When it comes to health care for poorer citizens, it's astonishing to see how much money an otherwise-frugal Idaho Legislature is willing to fritter away.

"Whether through pure ideology or political preservation, state lawmakers have thus far rejected the Medicaid expansion provided for under the Affordable Care Act. In so doing, they're forgoing the most obvious solution to two nettlesome problems: the county-financed medical indigency program and the state catastrophic health care program, both of which bleed money. ..."

Use your power in Arizona, NFL — Denver Post Editorial

"For better or worse, the National Football League is one of the most influential and monied sports organizations on the planet.

"Those who run this powerhouse have the opportunity to use its heft to right a wrong in Arizona, where lawmakers recently passed a discriminatory anti-gay bill. ..."

Don't wait to veto SB 1062, Gov. Brewer — Arizona Republic Editorial

"... The damage will grow the longer this bill survives. Brewer can start the healing with a quick, decisive veto. She can use the opportunity to loudly and clearly tell the world that Arizona is an open, welcoming state that does not countenance discrimination. ..."

Use trading status to leverage reforms in Venezuela — Deseret News editorial

Keeping people healthy should be as important as killing them — St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial

"When it comes to putting people to death, no amount of effort and expense is too much for the state of Missouri. When it comes to keeping them healthy, the same enthusiasm does not apply. ..."