State of the Debate

Remember heterosexuality? It can still be controversial, too ...

First Published      Last Updated Feb 25 2014 01:20 pm

Ladies, please don't hide your light under a burka — George Pyle | The Salt Lake Tribune

" ... The glory of the human female form – which is, after all, the whole purpose of the last however many billion years of cosmic evolution — is all too often abused and profaned in popular culture. There are those who would sully women with representations of violence, captivity, rape, the victimization of children or other forms of degradation.

"But pointing out that truly ugly stuff, and doing anything to limit its damage, is made infinitely more difficult when anything that is pleasantly erotic is rolled into the same category as vile misogyny or victimization. ...

"... The world is not running such a surplus of beauty that it should encourage any woman to hide her light under a bushel, or a burka, lest she be slut-shamed by other women or brutalized by any men. ..."

Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue: A magazine's hypocrisy | Doug Robinson, Deseret News

" ... Sports Illustrated has been talking out of both sides of its collective face, if not for 50 years then for the last 30-40 years that women have truly arrived on the sports scene. SI champions women's sports. It carries the flag for Title IX. It promotes the ideal of judging women by their feats, not their (pick a body part).

"Then in February it puts out the swimsuit issue, a huge contradiction. ..."

Duke's Freshman Porn Starlet Isn't Ashamed—and She Shouldn't Be — Emily Shire | The Daily Beast

" ... The shame that society imposes on sex workers does only one thing: hurts sex workers. To form a blanket protest against pornography and those who make it does not protect the sex workers who suffer from exploitation. Instead, she writes, 'Shaming and hurling names at them, the usual treatment we give sex workers, is not the way to achieve this'...."

Access to sex education and birth control yield 40-year low in abortion rate — St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial

" ... when women have choices regarding their reproductive rights, they are less likely to choose abortion. ..."

Let's talk about sex: Young adults not as promiscuous as you think — The Miami Student Editorial

Stopping the cycle of sex trafficking and exploitation — Seattle Times Editorial

" ... As many as 500 girls, some as young as 11 years old, are forced to work as prostitutes every day in King County. By the time these kids become adults, their efforts to turn their lives around can be stymied by long rap sheets.

"State lawmakers can help sex workers escape "the life" for good by passing Substitute House Bill 1292, a measure that would allow victims to petition a judge to clear their criminal records of prostitution-related convictions. ..."

Hold men to a higher standard — Kathleen Parker | The Washington Post

" ... But when two drunks have sex, who, ultimately, is responsible should one decide she didn't really mean it? Without current data at my fingertips, I feel safe in presuming that few males charge females with rape following a sorority party. ..."

Why Is It So Hard for Men to Write About Sex? — Amanda Hess | Slate

" ... When John Heilpern told Martin Amis that 'no novelist, including you … has written a successful sex scene,' Amis replied: 'I think it's a watertight statement that you can't write about successful, fulfilling sex. But you can write about the fiasco'." ...

Virginia senator under fire after calling pregnant women 'hosts' to unborn babies — New York Daily News