State of the Debate

Whatever you do, don’t mention Utah ...

First Published      Last Updated Feb 20 2014 01:57 pm

Some recent op-ed pieces that didn't mention Utah, but should have:

How Cruz pushed us toward disaster — Dana Milbank | The Washington Post

About how some Republican senators made the world sweat out a possible default on U.S. government debt, which would have had nothing but horrible ramifications throughout the global economy.

Didn't mention that Utah's junior senator, Mike Lee, was among those defending the stunt led by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

Disability treaty the least we could do — Gail Collins | The New York Times

About how Republicans in the Senate are lining up to again disgrace the nation by rejecting the United Nations treaty on the rights of the disabled, even though all it does is take the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act global.

Didn't mention that both of Utah's senators, Lee and Orrin Hatch, were among those voting to kill the treaty the last time.

Exposing the horrors of factory farms — Nicholas Kristof | The New York Times

About how factory farms, and the ag-gag laws that protect them, create food in the most sickening ways possible.

Didn't mention that Utah has one of those offensive laws.