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The Coo-Coo Games, Utah vs Kansas ...

First Published      Last Updated Feb 19 2014 01:24 pm

My old state and my new state continue to go for the gold in the competition to be the kookiest state in the nation.

First, Utah drops big bucks on a irrational argument trying to defend its anti-gay discriminatory Amendment 3.

State makes it all about kids in brief against same-sex marriage — The Salt Lake Tribune, Feb. 4

Then, the Kansas House passes a bill that would allow both private businesses and government employees to discriminate against same-sex couples (and just about anyone else) whose behavior offends their religious beliefs.

Kansas House passes bill allowing service refusal to gay couples — Kansas City Star, Feb. 12

(Though word is that many in the Sunflower State Legislature are having second, or first, thoughts.)


Sponsor of Kansas spanking bill says it would help define corporal punishment, restore parental rights — Wichita Eagle, Feb. 18

(Maybe doesn't count. That bill has already died in committee.)


Utah lawmaker: Our atmosphere needs more carbon dioxide — Salt Lake Tribune, Feb. 18


Kan. House panel shortens, adopts climate measure — Hutchinson News, Feb. 19

"... The nonbinding resolution says the plan released by the president last year would harm the economy and asks Congress to block it. Obama's plan includes tougher pollution standards for power plants and higher vehicle fuel efficiency standards. ..."

(Hard to tell how to score this one. Utah's big on climate change denial. But the higher fuel efficiency standards are a big part of what Utah is banking on to clean up the air along the Wasatch Front.)


Backers of Kan. sex ed bill seek parental control — Wichita Eagle, Feb. 18

(But that sort of doesn't count, because it's basically an opt-in requirement, which isn't that different from what Utah already has.)

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