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Extension of remarks: Protecting Utah’s public lands ...

First Published      Last Updated Feb 18 2014 10:37 am


Deal protecting Fishlake Park sets a good example — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"It's a long, uncertain slog sometimes. But there remain reasons to believe that it is possible to search for the fossil fuel resources that the world, sadly, still needs in abundance without laying waste the rest of the natural world.

"Those who say, from either side of the argument, that it is an all or nothing proposition have little to contribute. ..."

Was inspired by this:

Deal keeps oil rigs out of big chunks of Fishlake National Forest — By Brian Maffly | The Salt Lake Tribune

"Oil and gas development on Utah's Fishlake National Forest is still possible under a deal the U.S. Forest Service has reached with environmentalists, but it would face strict guidelines for protecting air quality and wildlife habitat. ..."

And is related to this:

New poll finds growing support for public lands among Westerners — Brian Maffly | The Salt Lake Tribune

"A new bipartisan survey of Western voters finds broad support for protecting public lands and maintaining them under federal control, but it also documents impatience with a regulatory framework that is seen as slowing oil and gas development. ..."

And this:

Utah unlikely to 'take back' federal lands — Robert Bennett | For the Deseret News

" ... 'Taking back' something implies that it was yours in the first place. ..."

And this:

Fighting for local control of lands — Rep. Chris Stewart | For the St. George Spectrum

" ... Utah and other western states have argued consistently that federal ownership is bad policy and contrary to the deal made when the western states joined the union. Utah's legislators and the governor should be commended for their efforts to continue this fight. ..."

And this:

Bishop and the environmentalists — Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

" ... It's no secret that our Top of Utah congressman, a consistent conservative, incites political passions. However, we're inclined to define Rep. Bishop's efforts to find common ground with activist environmentalists as a positive addition to the political debate. ..."