State of the Debate

For Valentine’s Day, a Gay Marriage roundup ...

First Published      Last Updated Feb 14 2014 05:46 pm

Cheer up, Utah, at least you aren't living in Kansas — George Pyle | The Salt Lake Tribune

"Judging by the letters that have been pouring into The Tribune's Public Forum – thank you, by the way – and by the comments appended to the online versions of Tribune articles and editorials in recent weeks, it is clear that many Utahns are downright ashamed of their state leaders for spending all that money and political energy defending Amendment 3, the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

"I've got some good news for you folks: It could be worse. ..."

Legislation seeks to use God to legalize discrimination — Hutchinson (Kan.) News Editorial

" ... At the center, is the fact that Kansas is on its way to creating a set of modern day Jim Crow laws that would apply to homosexuals or potentially to anyone who doesn't adhere to the moral directives of Kansas' righteous leadership. ..."

House says yes to prejudice — Salina (Kan.) Journal Editorial

"... This action makes Kansas look like it is being led by a gaggle of discriminating neophytes who tout the values and virtues of Christ and Christianity out of one side of their mouths and sputter the hatred and vile repugnance of the days of yore out of the other side. ..."

Seriously, what is wrong with Kansas? — Mary Sanchez | The Kansas City Star

"... A bill that sailed past the state's representatives tells Kansans: You can be as discriminatory as you like against homosexuals and the state will have your back. Just be sure and do it in God's name! ..."

Kansas GOP leaders push back — Yael Abouhalkah | The Kansas City Star

"Congratulations to Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle. In what passes as a big political surprise, the Republican politician may help save the tattered reputation of the state after all. ..."

What the hell just happened in Kansas? — Andrew Sullivan | The Dish

"The bill that just overwhelmingly passed the Kansas House of Representatives is quite something. ... It is premised on the notion that the most pressing injustice in Kansas right now is the persecution some religious people are allegedly experiencing at the hands of homosexuals. ..."

Attorneys general switching sides on gay marriage — AP / sltrib.com

Scalia Has Seen the Future, and Its Name Is Marriage Equality — Jesse Wegman | The New York Times

Virginia is for all lovers — Jonathan Capehart | The Washington Post

Judge right to reject gay marriage ban — Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader Editorial