State of the Debate

On the equality front ...

First Published      Last Updated Feb 10 2014 05:01 pm

Utah cannot justify marital apartheid — Paul C. Burke, John W. Mackay and Brett L. Tolman | For The Salt Lake Tribune

"To find conclusive proof that Amendment 3 is unconstitutional, the 10th Circuit Court needs to look no further than the brief filed last week by the state of Utah, which tries to justify second-class citizenship for same-sex couples in Utah based on the ill-founded belief that they are supposedly third-rate parents. ..."

Nevada AG ends fight to uphold gay marriage banAP/sltrib.com

"Carson City, Nev. — Nevada is withdrawing its efforts to uphold the state's gay marriage ban.

"Attorney General Catherine Corte Masto filed a motion Monday to withdraw the state's legal arguments in a case pending before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

"Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval says he agrees with the move, saying it's clear the state's arguments supporting the ban are no longer defensible in court.

"The decision means Nevada will not argue to uphold the state's constitutional prohibition against same-sex marriage that voters passed in 2002. ..."

NFL needs to grow up and accept gay players — Gordon Monson | Tribune Columnist

"This shouldn't be a story. One day it won't be. Today it is. Michael Sam is gay. ..."

Delaying anti-discrimination bill is simple injustice — Sim Gill | For The Salt Lake Tribune

"The non-discrimination bill, currently stuck in unnecessary fears and hesitation, is an opportunity for intellectual honesty or an abdication of responsibility.

"Anything that may remotely be connected to LGBT issues is being put on hold. Under such an approach, we should just shut down the Legislature because almost any legislation will impact some gay person. Gay citizens are a part of our social and political community. All laws impact all of us, LGBT included. ..."

Shut down the Legislature? Well, sort of ...

Utah troopers arrest LGBT protesters at Capitol sit-in — Lindsay Whitehurst | The Salt Lake Tribune

"Utah Highway Patrol troopers arrested 13 protesters blocking entrance to a Utah Senate committee hearing Monday afternoon. ..."

Utah should not have two tiers of families — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"... If Utah wants to maintain its child-friendly reputation, it's time to be friendly to all children, and that includes telling children of gay parents that their families are just as valued as any other.

They're writing songs of love — George Pyle | The Salt Lake Tribune

"... Want marriage? Set people free from poverty — or artificial limits — first, and watch the licenses fly out of the clerk's office. Just as they did for those giddy weeks when same-sex marriage was legal in Utah. Free people marry for love. And nothing else."