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Extension of remarks: Salt Lake City’s disgraceful air ...

First Published      Last Updated Jan 09 2014 01:51 pm

Ralph nailed it:

Becker sets the right agenda for city and state — Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

"Ralph Becker is low on ammo and calling for backup. Gov. Gary Herbert and the Utah Legislature will be derelict in their duties if they do not answer his distress call.

"The mayor of Salt Lake City did not use his annual State of the City address Wednesday to tick off a list of his own personal successes and goals. Instead, Becker devoted his speech to the single worst thing about his city: the disgraceful state of air quality in much of northern Utah. ..."

Mayor Ralph Becker 2014 State of the City Addressslc.gov

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker targets dirty air problem — Christopher Smart | The Salt Lake Tribune

It's not that bad. It's worse.

Did pre-natal exposure to Utah air pollution affect kids' health? ­— Brian Maffly | The Salt Lake Tribune

"During a 13-month strike at Orem's Geneva Steel mill in the mid-1980s, a strange thing happened at Utah County hospital delivery rooms: The incidence of preterm births declined.

"But the rate went back up after the plant went back on line, producing steel and massive amounts of particulate pollution. ..."

Utah air plan too soft on industry, EPA says — Brian Maffly | The Salt Lake Tribune

"After a contentious public meeting Wednesday, Utah air quality officials sewed up a comprehensive road map to reduce the Salt Lake Valley's air pollution to acceptable levels — even though the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says the plan's emission limits remain too soft on industrial polluters. ..."