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Man busted when mom calls phone he forgot at burglary

First Published      Last Updated Nov 05 2013 04:39 pm

Don't you just hate it when your mom calls at the worst possible moment? Like when you just burglarized a house and accidentally left your phone behind on the counter?

That's what happened to an aspiring criminal in Lake Palm, Fla., recently, according to the Sun Sentinel.

The local sheriff's office reports that investigators were at a recently burglarized home when a phone that had been left behind on the kitchen counter began ringing. The name on the screen: "mom."

A cop answered, asked the woman who the phone belonged to and got a name. When police tracked that person down, it turned out to the be the 19-year-old man. He had a stolen phone and gun, and his female companion had a whole bunch of stolen jewelry. Everything in the stash came from the house where the phone had been left behind.

I feel obliged to say here that the obvious lesson from this story is to not lead a life of crime.

But there's also this: just don't bring your phone to burglaries. The NSA is probably tracking you, but if not, your mom will surely find a way to ruin your poorly thought-out plans.

— Jim Dalrymple II