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Story of chopped up drug overdose victim strewn across Salt Lake County is just that — a story

First Published      Last Updated Oct 17 2013 11:41 am

It was shaping up to be the one of the most disturbing scavenger hunts ever:

Body parts. Hidden. Everywhere.

Pieces of a man who allegedly overdosed and died in the Bluffs Apartment complex in February were said to be stored throughout Bluffdale.

Lucky for police, the tale was just that — a story with little merit and no truth.

After inquiries from The Salt Lake Tribune, police officials said the allegations were "unfounded."

The details were laid out in search warrants filed in 3rd District Court. According to court documents, a woman called the police to report a months-old crime after she began to fear what her ex-boyfriend might do to her because of her knowledge about what happened.

This is her story:

She and her then-boyfriend were using heroin with several other people at an apartment in February when she saw a man overdose.

His face whitened. He was struggling to breathe.

They tried to revive him using CPR. When that didn't work, a frantic woman grabbed an EpiPen and struck the man in the chest.

He began to seize. Moments later, he died.

The woman told police she wanted to take him to the hospital but the others refused.

"We can't be seen carrying a body," one said.

Instead, they decided to cut the body up and dump the pieces "all over town."

Turns out, none of it is true. After months of investigating, police determined there are no body parts stored around Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

However, if you happen across a stray body part or two, you should contact law enforcement. Just to be safe.

— Marissa Lang