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Video shows motorcyclist robbed at gunpoint, police shooting robber

First Published      Last Updated Oct 15 2013 10:17 am

A Brazilian motorcyclist wearing a helmet cam recorded an attempted robbery that began when a man shoved a gun in his face and ended when an off-duty cop shot the robber in the leg.

The video above was posted to Live Leak Sunday and has also shown up on Youtube and an assortment of major new sites. It begins with the motorcyclist riding through a typical Brazilian street.

But as the motorcyclist reaches an intersection, another bike carrying a driver and a passenger pulls up alongside him. The passenger pulls out a large, black revolver and points it at the motorcyclist's face. It's difficult to hear what the robber is saying, but the motorcyclist puts his hands up and repeatedly says "esta´ aqui," and "pode levar," which mean "it's here" and "you can take it," respectively.

The gun-toting robber then tries to mount the bike while his driver waits.

But before the robbers can escape, a police officer gets out of a nearby hatchback car and fires two shots. The thief on the stolen bike collapses while his driver speeds off.

The International Business Times reports that the thief who got shot was Escarante Leonardo Santos, 18. The Sao Paulo police reportedly released a statement calling the shooting "legitimate and correct, with the observance of police techniques."

It's unclear what happened to Santos. The Telegraph and the Daily Mail both report that he later died in a hospital. However, Metro reported Sunday that he was in the hospital receiving treatment. The Youtube page where the video appeared also included this statement, roughly translated by me, seemingly from the victim:

"They tried to steal my Hornet with a gun in my face. Thank God a prepared police officer entered and shot the thief. But sadly, he didn't die."

— Jim Dalrymple II