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Rap Sheet: Batman’s crimes in ‘Dark Knight’

First Published      Last Updated Oct 15 2013 09:31 pm

Disclaimer: The should not be taken as any form of legal counsel or guidance; there may be errors in interpretation of the law and there may be crimes and violations missing from this list. I am not an officer or an attorney; I am a movie fan with a blog.

I was wrong. I predicted that Bruce Wayne would have grown and committed fewer crimes in "The Dark Knight" than he did during his early days in "Batman Begins." Yet in the sequel, he is a man acting so far outside the law that he would face at least 112 charges — on top of the 68 he racked up in the first movie — during the course of "The Dark Knight."

As usual, Wayne's crimes overseas are not held against him. Otherwise, here you have it — his offenses in his most popular movie, along with how much time he could spend behind bars at the bottom.

Three counts of criminal mischief • He programs The Tumbler to crush part of the parking structure wall and two vehicles.

Two counts of possession of an explosive device • The Tumbler was loaded with two missiles...

Two counts of use of an explosive device • ... that Wayne launches at an office of the parking structure and at a parked car.

Two counts of criminal mischief • The Tumbler destroys the parked car and the office.

Four counts of assault • Wayne assaults people in trying to catch the Scarecrow.

Criminal mischief • Wayne cuts and smashes Scarecrow's van.

Seven counts of unlawful detention • Wayne ties up the copycat Batmen, Scarecrow and his goons.

Unlawful detention • Wayne leaves a captured Lau tied up outside of Gotham Police Headquarters.

Assault • Wayne knocks out District Attorney Harvey Dent, drags him off…

Unlawful detention • … and locks him inside a closet.

Eight counts of assault • Wayne beats up Sal Maroni's bodyguards.

Aggravated Assault • Wayne holds Maroni above the street and drops him.

Reckless driving • All of Wayne's reckless driving in The Tumbler, including driving the wrong way on a road.

Leaving the scene of an accident • Wayne does not stop to leave his information with the garbage truck driver he crashed into.

Possession of an explosive device • The Tumbler has the means to self-destruct in a giant fireball…

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