Utah company sues for alleged piracy of cartoon bible movies

First Published      Last Updated Sep 28 2013 07:45 pm

Thou shalt not steal.

So sayeth a complaint filed in Utah's federal court by TOPNEST, also known as Nest Entertainment. The company alleges an online marketer is ripping off its animated biblical movies and selling and displaying the pirated content on YouTube.

In its filing, Nest Entertainment says it complained to YouTube about the illegal activity, but no action was taken after Lulian Costache Ploiesti of Romania allegedly claimed he had a contract to distribute the video content in the Romanian language.

Thou shalt not lie, says Nest Entertainment.

"No such contract exists," states the lawsuit filed by the company, which is registered in Texas but operates in Ogden.

Among its copyrighted content at issue are videos with such titles as "David and Goliath," "Parables of Jesus" and "Treasures in Heaven." Its line of "inspiring family entertainment" also includes animated movies about historical heroes, most with Christian themes.

Ploiesti has so far refused to respond to Nest Entertainment's notices of copyright violation, the complaint says, and continues to deceive the public and tarnish Nest's reputation while causing it to lose revenue.

So Nest Entertainment is praying for relief from the court.

— Brooke Adams