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BYU AD Tom Holmoe talks about scheduling as a football independent

First Published      Last Updated Feb 25 2014 09:40 pm

BYU released its 2014 football schedule on Monday night, and there were few, if any, surprises.

It was also not surprising that the schedule, and football scheduling in general, were major topics of discussion when BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe met with reporters Tuesday afternoon for a roundtable discussion.

Here's more from Holmoe about the 2014 schedule, the difficulty of scheduling as a football independent, his desire to schedule Pac-12 teams, the future of the series with Notre Dame, and whether coach Bronco Mendenhall's desire to cast a wider recruiting net is a result of having more difficult schedules moving forward.


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On how Holmoe feels about 2014 football schedule:

"It has been put together for a long time. The way we do it now is I think everybody, if they were paying attention, would have known who we were playing.

So it wasn't a big surprise. We announce the games pretty much now as we contract them, unless for some reason it is a private school, and we are private so we don't have to. I like it. I think some people have said that it is not as hard as last year. And that could be true. But being an independent, people don't realize you can't necessarily schedule games that fit exactly how you want them to. So if you are going to schedule a team in 2013, you might not get them back in 2014. It might be a couple years after that.

The other thing is we have worked with ESPN closely to enhance our schedule, and in order to enhance our schedule we have moved games around a lot.

If I were to show you my worksheet of a draft schedule from a year ago, where I thought this is looking good, this is how it is going to be, there might be 12 games on the schedule over the next six or seven years that have moved — off a year, into another year. And it is kind of interesting: when I call one school, they go, 'OK, where are we moving?' They just know that we are going to move our game with them.

And we have had some teams that have called us, and asked us to move games. And we are flexible. We can do that when some other schools can't.

I feel that it is a good schedule. It might not be as tough as it was last year, but I think there are some solid games in there, a handful of games that will be very tough when it comes down to it. A game on the road against a good team, in a tough situation."

On how some conferences increasing the league games they might play, and how that could impact BYU negatively as an independent trying to schedule games in November:

"We will see about that. I am not sure exactly how that will go. We have seen it a little bit. There have been some conferences that have come out and stated in the past that they are not going to play any games after the first initial four or five games of the season, the first month. And then we have approached them and we have been able to convince them that it is good for our school, and their conference and the conference schools that do it.

So far, it has been good.

I am a little concerned that if teams do go that way, and that is set in stone, and they are going to play more [conference] games, more and more, and then they don't want to play us? Then I would be concerned. Some of the other sides of that, though, that lead me to believe we are in a pretty good position, or a good position, is that strength of schedule is going to be an important factor going forward with the college football playoff. And we've heard, and the reason we get some of these games, is that we are a good team to schedule for that reason.

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