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BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall's postgame comments

First Published      Last Updated Sep 09 2013 05:12 pm

After BYU beat the you-know-what out of the Texas Longhorns on Saturday night, coach Bronco Mendenhall finished his postgame interview session by addressing a question about whether he likes to see quarterback Taysom Hill run so much.

"I like the way he ran. I didn't like the way he didn't slide. We both smiled at the one [where he didn't, late in the game], and he was like, 'yeah, i know, i know, but .. crap,'" Mendenhall said.

A other answers from Mendenhall:

On what he said during the delay to the team:


p class="TEXT_w_Indent">"I didn't say anything. They were jovial and loose. Because, man, two delays in our first two games. We were looking at each other like, c'mon. They were loose and we kept it that way. We knew when it was time to go out and play we would be ready. But against Virginia, I was tight, they were tight. There was tons of anxiety. We had already been through that.

So, if we get another delay, maybe we will play even better."

On the emotional swing and keeping the guy even-keeled:

"We weren't even-keeled. It was a hard week. It was a hard loss a week ago. We translated that into work. We worked them hard this week. They wanted to be worked hard. That gave them the chance to play like this, but there was nothing even-keeled about this.

Then the point where we finally got to the game, and the delay, it was just like, c'mon. All we could do was laugh. But eventually, they were ready."

On the biggest difference from last week to this week's game offensively:

"We prepared better. We prepared harder. We prepared longer. We prepared more diligently as coaches and players. Again, our practice model from Monday through Thursday, in my opinion, is what the difference was. "

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