By Margaret Sullivan | The Washington Post 2h ago

Drug discount program helps Utah hospitals

By Jim Jorgenson | For The Tribune 2h ago

Commentary: The New York Times journalist who secretly led the charge against liberal media bias

By Sid Bedingfield | For The Washington Post 3h ago

The tax bill won't matter when it's time to vote

By Ramesh Ponnuru | Bloomberg View 4h ago

Our institutional crisis is upon us

By E.J. Dionne | The Washington Post 21h ago

Paul Mero: It’s time to fight poverty the ‘Utah way’

By Paul Mero | For The Tribune 22h ago

The Tribune was wrong. Medicine often involves a risk to the patient.

By Lynn Webster | For The Tribune 23h ago

Commentary: Expanding Trax would connect Utahns, draw new talent to the state and help solve poor air quality

By Wade Sherman | For The Tribune 1d ago

Gerald Elias: Sexual predators know the difference between right and wrong — they abuse because society has tolerated it for so long

By Gerald Elias | For The Tribune 1d ago

Commentary: Without the Dream Act, I could lose everything

By Xochitl Juarez | For The Tribune 1d ago

Cannabis oil has given Utah children a chance at a normal life

By Arianna Jimenez | For The Tribune 1d ago

Leonard Pitts: Trump should keep Rosa Parks’ name out of his lying mouth

By Leonard Pitts | The Miami Herald 1d ago

Trump has no value for human lives beyond his own ego

By Melissa Dalton-Bradford | For The Tribune 1d ago

Dana Milbank: Trump partisans are attacking America from within

By Dana Milbank | The Washington Post 1d ago

Utahns won’t benefit from more oil and gas production — just the companies that operate here

By Stanley Holmes | For The Tribune 1d ago

George F. Will: How long will Congress remain a bystander regarding war?

By George F. Will | The Washington Post 1d ago

Rocky Mountain Power isn’t accurately calculating for wind and solar power

By Michael Budig | For The Tribune 1d ago

Dealing with the world right now is exhausting, but the consequences of being a bystander are too high

By Amos N. Guiora | For The Tribune 1d ago

Trump and Utah leaders clearly don’t care about the land itself — so citizens need to demand protection

By Thad Box | For The Tribune 2d ago

Paul Waldman: How Republicans are immunizing their voters against whatever Mueller uncovers

By Paul Waldman | For The Washington Post 2d ago

Republicans know this tax is an 'abomination,' so why is it still in their bill?

By Marc Thiessen | For The Washington Post 2d ago

Jennifer Rubin: Journalists: Forget the Rust Belt diners. Head for the suburban yoga classes.

By Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post 2d ago

Commentary: Resolve to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace

By Morgan Lyon Cotti | For The Tribune 2d ago

Don't let emotional labor suck the joy out of Christmas

Holly Richardson By Holly Richardson 3d ago

Tom Wharton: Utah politicians would rather fight than manage public lands

By Tom Wharton 3d ago