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  • (Al Hartmann  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   Folks cross State Street and 200 South during the polluted morning commute Wed. Feb 10.  Air was foggy with pollution levels in the red zone. Utah forecast: No storms means worsening inversions for remainder of week
    Dante Alighieri might pen an extra canto or two for his “Purgatorio,” if he and his pal of the netherworld, Virgil, happened to roam the inversion-pla...
    Updated Feb 10 2016 09:55 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Sunny days, smoggy afternoons and foggy evenings
    Sunny days, smoggy afternoons and foggy evenings. Now there’s both a midweek forecast for northern Utah, and an analogy for the all-too-brief continuu...
    Updated Feb 09 2016 09:10 am   |     |   Share
  • (Steve Griffin  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)     Mule deer enjoy and afternoon snack of grass on a hillside in Salt Lake City, Monday, February 8, 2016. Utah forecast: Worsening inversions enough to degrade air quality, and drive a yogi indoors
    If only breathing were optional, residents of Utah’s inversion-plagued urban valleys just might put their lungs on hiatus this week. The lack of new,...
    Updated Feb 08 2016 08:46 am   |     |   Share
  • Forecast: Fog and smog fill the air for much of Utah
    Fog and lingering smog are on tap for the Beehive State. A lot of Utahns were expected to wake up to a foggy Sunday morning, including in places where...
    Updated Feb 07 2016 07:52 pm   |     |   Share
  • Weekend forecast: Cold in northern Utah, but highs above freezing
    The National Weather Service is predicting that many locations in northern Utah will reach above-freezing highs on the weekend. The thermometer along ...
    Updated Feb 06 2016 09:41 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Wimpy snowstorms ahead for north, central mountains
    Friday’s forecast calls for a weak storm system to dust northern and central Utah with a fresh coat of snow. Think of it as sort of a meteorological M...
    Updated Feb 04 2016 08:41 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Wasatch Front cold to be joined by snow as week winds down
    Already locked in a cold snap, northern Utah will see the return of snowstorms on Thursday, a trend expected to continue into the weekend. In Salt Lak...
    Updated Feb 03 2016 12:50 pm   |     |   Share
  • (Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune)   Part time Park City resident Bob Brodhead takes his fat bike to the popular trails of Round Valley in Park City as a the sun pokes in and out of a dramatic sky. Locals are excited about the rumor that the city has purchased a two wheel drive motorcycle designed to pull a narrow sled that cuts a single track in the upper trails for the snow biking community. Utah forecast: A midweek break from snow, but still cold out there
    Northern Utah gets a midweek break from the snow, albeit a very cold one, before the next cycle of winter storms bears down on the Wasatch Front later...
    Updated Feb 02 2016 07:36 pm   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Forget Chekhov, winter’s here — and we really, really know it
    Russian writer Anton Chekhov wrote that, “People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” Well, with enough vodka, perhaps that...
    Updated Feb 01 2016 12:21 pm   |     |   Share
  • (Scott Sommerdorf   |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   Donna Beard shovels snow and ice from her wheelchair at the intersection of 2100s, and State Street as she works as a volunteer, Sunday, January 31, 2016. Forecast: Storm approaches, while avalanche danger remains high
    The mountains are at a high risk for avalanches, and another storm is approaching the Beehive State. A second storm is forecast to barrel through the ...
    Updated Jan 31 2016 12:41 pm   |     |   Share
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