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The Salt Lake Tribune is located at
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Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Phone: 801-257-8742, Fax: 801-257-8800.
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First Last Phone E-mail Social Networks Job Description
Todd Adams 801-257-8763 tadams@sltrib.com Online - Art Editor
Erin Alberty 801-257-8786 ealberty@sltrib.com
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Justice and safety - Reporter
Pat Bagley 801-257-8806 bagley@sltrib.com
Editorial - Political Cartoonist
Joe Baird 801-257-8753 jbaird@sltrib.com Sports - Editor
Thomas Burr 202-662-8732 tburr@sltrib.com
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Government - Washington D.C. bureau reporter
Matt Canham 801-257-8728 mcanham@sltrib.com
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Government - Investigative reporter
Nate Carlisle 801-257-8794 ncarlisle@sltrib.com Justice and safety - Reporter
Anna Cekola 801-257-8769 acekola@sltrib.com Arts, entertainment and culture - Editor
Ana Daraban 801-257-8706 dara@sltrib.com Online - Archives
Lee Davidson 801-257-8752 ldavidson@sltrib.com
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Government - Politics/transportation/demographics reporter
John Davis 801-257-8781 jdavis@sltrib.com Sports - Copy editor
Chris Detrick 801-257-8740 cdetrick@sltrib.com Photo - Photographer
Jennifer Dobner 801-257-8737 jdobner@sltrib.com Justice and safety - Reporter
Jay Drew 801-257-8751 drew@sltrib.com
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Sports - Reporter
Rick Egan 801-257-8721 regan@sltrib.com
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Photo - Photographer
Ellen Fagg Weist 801-257-8803 ellenf@sltrib.com
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Arts, entertainment and culture - Reviewer
Aaron Falk 801-257-8776 afalk@sltrib.com
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Sports - Jazz reporter
Tim Fitzpatrick 801-257-8726 fitz@sltrib.com Administration - Deputy Editor, Editorial Page Editor
Peggy Fletcher Stack 801-257-8725 pstack@sltrib.com
Religion - Reporter
Robert Gehrke 801-257-8730 gehrke@sltrib.com Government - Reporter
Kyle Goon 801-257-8739 kgoon@sltrib.com
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Sports - University of Utah reporter
Mike Gorrell 801-257-8734 mikeg@sltrib.com Government - Reporter
Curt Gresseth 801-257-8760 cgresseth@sltrib.com Copy desk - Copy Editor
Steve Griffin 801-257-8722 sgriffin@sltrib.com Photo - Photographer
Mark Hansen 801-257-8759 smhansen@sltrib.com Copy desk - Copy Editor
Gordon Harman 801-257-8745 glharman@sltrib.com Computer Systems - Systems Technician
Jeremy Harmon 801-257-8741 jharmon@sltrib.com Photo - Director of photography
Dan Harrie 801-257-8793 dharrie@sltrib.com Government - Editor
Al Hartmann 801-257-8740 ahartman@sltrib.com Photo - Photographer
Tom Harvey 801-257-8767 tharvey@sltrib.com Government - Courts reporter
Leah Hogsten 801-257-8729 lhogsten@sltrib.com Photo - Photographer
Stephen Hunt 801-257-8787 shunt@sltrib.com Justice and safety - Editor
Tony Jones 801-257-8757 tjones@sltrib.com
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Sports - Utah Utes reporter
Chris Kamrani 801-257-8756 ckamrani@sltrib.com
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Sports - RSL/Prep Sports Reporter
Rich Kane 801-257-8711 rkane@sltrib.com Online - Online reporter/editor
Robert Kirby rkirby@sltrib.com
News - Columnist
Katherine Kireiev 801-257-8775 kkireiev@sltrib.com Copy desk - Copy editor
Francisco Kjolseth 801-257-8774 fkjolseth@sltrib.com
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Photo - Photographer
Annie Knox 801-257-8779 aknox@sltrib.com Health, education, environment - Reporter
Kurt Kragthorpe 801-257-8716 kkragthorpe@sltrib.com
Sports - Columnist
Amy Lewis 801-257-8791 alewis@sltrib.com Online - Web Editor
Steve Luhm 801-257-8758 luhm@sltrib.com Sports - Reporter
Brian Maffly 801-257-8713 bmaffly@sltrib.com Health, education and environment - Reporter
Lennie Mahler 801-257-8783 lmahler@sltrib.com Photo - Photo Technician
Pamela Manson 801-257-8784 pmanson@sltrib.com Justice and safety - Reporter
Sheila McCann 801-257-8712 srmccann@sltrib.com
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News - Managing editor
Chris McDonald 801-257-8746 cjm@sltrib.com Computer Systems - Systems Technician
Amy McDonald 801-257-8710 amcdonald@sltrib.com Online - Online reporter/editor
Michael McFall 801-257-8788 mmcfall@sltrib.com
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Justice and safety - Reporter
Sean P. Means 801-257-8801 spmeans@sltrib.com
Arts, entertainment and culture - Entertainment reporter
Rudy Mesicek 801-257-8708 rmesicek@sltrib.com Copy desk - Dayside copy editor
Jessica Miller 801-257-8785 jmiller@sltrib.com
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Justice and safety - Reporter
Bob Mims 801-257-8720 remims@sltrib.com Breaking news - Reporter
Gordon Monson 801-257-8733 gmonson@sltrib.com Sports - Columnist
Kevin Morriss 801-257-8707 kmorriss@sltrib.com
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Online - Digital director
Kristen Moulton 801-831-0467 kmoulton@sltrib.com
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Health, education and environment - Reporter
Michael Nakoryakov 801-257-8773 michaelvn@sltrib.com Print - Print Director
Jennifer Napier-Pearce 801-257-8714 jnpearce@sltrib.com Online - Reporter
Trent Nelson 801-257-8719 trenthead@gmail.com
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Photo - Photographer
Dave Newlin 801-257-8765 dnewlin@sltrib.com Online - Web Content
David Noyce 801-257-8747 noyce@sltrib.com
News - Managing editor
Ed Oberbeck 801-257-8761 eoberbeck@sltrib.com Copy desk - Copy editor
Terry Orme 801-257-8727 orme@sltrib.com Administration - Editor and Publisher
Nick Parker 801-257-8709 nparker@sltrib.com Online - Night editor
Emma Penrod 801-257-8790 epenrod@sltrib.com Health, education, environment - Air quality, water, wildlife, national and state parks reporter
Trevor Phibbs tphibbs@sltrib.com Sports - Preps reporter
Scott D. Pierce 801-257-8805 spierce@sltrib.com
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Arts, entertainment and culture - TV Reporter
Matthew Piper 801-257-8768 mpiper@sltrib.com
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Sports - University of Utah beat reporter
Rachel Piper 801-257-8762 rpiper@sltrib.com Health, education, environment - News editor
George Pyle 801-257-8807 gpyle@sltrib.com
Editorial - Writer
Antonio Ramirez 801-257-8802 antonio@sltrib.com Online - Web Developer
Catherine Reese Newton 801-257-8764 creese@sltrib.com
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Arts, entertainment and culture - Copy Editor
Paul Rolly 801-257-8777 prolly@sltrib.com
News - Columnist
Rick Rosetta 801-257-8778 rrosetta@sltrib.com Copy desk - Copy editor
Tony Semerad 801-257-8772 tsemerad@sltrib.com
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Government - Computer Assisted Reporting
Christopher Smart 801-257-8795 csmart@sltrib.com Government - Reporter
Richard Smith 801-257-8703 rsmith@sltrib.com Administration - Controller
Brennan Smith 801-257-8766 bsmith@sltrib.com Online - Web Content
Scott Sommerdorf 801-257-8732 ssommerdorf@sltrib.com Photo - Photographer
Kathy Stephenson 801-257-8804 kathys@sltrib.com

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Arts, entertainment and culture - Reporter
Kolbie Stonehocker 801-257-8755 kstonehocker@sltrib.com Copy desk - Copy editor
Matt Traub 801-257-8738 mtraub@sltrib.com Sports - Assistant sports editor
Eric Walden 801-257-8748 ewalden@sltrib.com Sports - Assistant sports editor
Tom Wharton 801-257-8749 wharton@sltrib.com
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Sports - Reporter
Benjamin Wood 801-257-8715 bwood@sltrib.com Health, education, environment - Reporter