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It’s often easy to take Utah’s incredible beauty for granted. That thought occurred Thursday. A cousin from England came to visit and had never seen the High Uintas. So, on a moment’s notice, we joine...

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    (Chris Detrick  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   Canyonlands National Park as seen from Orange Cliffs Overlook Wednesday August 24, 2016. National parks — like Utah’s Canyonlands — have often generated controversy
    As thousands celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park System today, inspirational words will be written about one of America’s greatest gi...
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    (Erin Alberty | The Salt Lake Tribune)    The sun sets over the Pacific Ocean giving to the rocks on Rialto Beach a tangerine glow Aug. 24, 2016 in Olympic National Park. 12 Months of National Parks — No. 12, Olympic: The sun sets on this adventure
    Olympic National Park • We have reached the end of our journey! My daughter and I started in September with our feet in the Atlantic Ocean. Twelve mo...
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    (Nate Carlisle  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)    Ann’s Trail in Draper, as seen on June 20, 2016, by starting at the Potato Hill Trailhead, is a two-hour hike that includes some shade and views of the southern Salt Lake Valley. Utah Hike of the Week: East fork of Ann’s Trail in Draper
    The trail is named for Ann Parr, an advocate for trails and open spaces in Draper and the Corner Canyon area of Salt Lake County. She died in 2012. ...
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    (Erin Alberty | The Salt Lake Tribune)    The ’party’ room of Lehman Cave hosted gin-soaked revelry during Prohibitions, rangers say; it is damp and quiet on July 24, 2016. 12 Months of National Parks — No. 11, Great Basin: Miles of adventure fit in one little ring
    The gnarled branches of a bristlecone pine act out the story of the rings inside. They writhe toward the sky like a frame from a stop-motion film, a h...
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    (Tribune file photo)   Elk roam in Yellowstone National Park. Officials tallied an increase in the elk population this winter. A personal celebration of national parks
    Contemplating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service that occurs Thursday, memories of dozens of special moments at parks throughout the U...
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    (Erin Alberty  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)    Penstemon perch above a canyon June 10, 2016 on the Step House trail in Mesa Verde National Park. 12 Months of National Parks — No. 10, Mesa Verde: A detour from the plan leads to floral delights
    My trip to Mesa Verde National Park didn’t go exactly as I had planned. I visited with my daughter and mother-in-law in June, the 10th in my family’s...
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    (Francisco Kjolseth  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   A four-wheel drive car travels the road popular with mountain bikers that makes up the White Rim trail in Canyonlands. Celebrate the National Park Service 100th birthday in Utah this week
    President Woodrow Wilson signed the act that created the National Park Service on Aug. 25, 1916. The mission of the new agency was “to conserve the sc...
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    Courtesy  |  Mary Demorest   A statue of Paul Revere gleams outside the Old North Church on Sept. 29, 2015 in Boston. 12 Months of National Parks: The error of rushing history in Boston Historic Park
    People who make grand national-parks tours may be susceptible to check-it-off-itis. Sufferers of this disease tend to blow quickly through parks witho...
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    Salt Lake City needs help finding bats
    Salt Lake City’s Parks and Public Lands division is looking for help from people living around the mouth of Parleys Canyon and nearby foothills who mi...
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    A bighorn sheep rests May 24, 2016 on the rim of Badlands National Park. Photo by Erin Alberty. 12 Months of National Parks: Bonus stop in Badlands
    Most of the national parks I visited with my daughter in our yearlong tour were planned trips. Badlands was a last-minute stop in May while we were in...
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    (Lennie Mahler  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   Sundial Peak overlooks Lake Blanche in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014. Backfires to be set against blaze burning in Big Cottonwood Canyon, closing some hiking trails
    Firefighters and the U.S. Forest Service on Monday plan to set backfires against a blaze that’s burning in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The Mineral Fork Fi...
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    (Erin Alberty  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)    A coyote prowls the prairie May 25, 2016 at Wind Cave National Park. 12 Months of National Parks — No. 9, Wind Cave: Drama unfolds in a quiet corner of the prairie
    Some of the most interesting surprises in the national parks are in the back corners: the places that aren’t widely promoted and don’t see much traffi...
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    Utah archery deer hunt opens Saturday
    The archery deer hunt, the first major hunt of the fall in Utah, opens Saturday and there is great optimism that it should be a good one. Utah Divisio...
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    (Erin Alberty  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)    Wildflowers bloom in a carpet near the road to Dante’s View on April 2, 2016 in Death Valley National Park. 12 Months of National Parks — No. 8, Death Valley: The poetry of survival
    Few things in nature achieve the poetry of a desert wildflower. The beauty and the brevity of a bloom give each petal a bit of magic. They require a s...
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    Duck numbers look good this year
    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently released its 2016 Trends in Duck Breeding Populations and the news is mostly good for hunters and wildlife...
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    (Jessica Miller  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)    Luigi the dog takes a swim at Bourbon Lake. Utah Hike of the Week: Bourbon Lake in the Uinta Mountains
    Directions • From Evanston, Wyoming, take the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway (Utah Highway 150) south for 39 miles. If coming from Kamas, take Center Street...
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    (Erin Alberty  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)    Hikers approach a bridge as hoodoos stand sentry over the trail to Mossy Cave on March 31, 2016 in Bryce Canyon National Park. 12 Months of National Parks — No. 7, Bryce Canyon: The $10 lifetime senior pass needs to end
    Bryce Canyon is the single most impressive thing I have ever seen in a national park. I remember my first trip, when I was in eighth grade. I was fro...
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    Nate Nickerson  |  Courtesy  Late 1950’s Porsche 356, brought to Bonneville by owner from California. While speed trials resume, enthusiasts worry about condition of salt
    It was great to get back on the Bonneville Salt Flats Tuesday for Speed Week. Few events are as colorful. The white salt coupled with all sorts of cus...
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    Craig Buschmann  |  Courtesy  This alligator keeps its cool despite having its tail swatted by a tourist Feb. 4, 2016 on the Anhinga Trail at Everglades National Park. 12 Months of National Parks — No. 6, Everglades: Please don’t spank the gator
    People do dumb things with wild animals. That’s a fact of life in national parks. In the 1920s, mule deer fawns began to disappear from Yosemite as v...
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    (Erin Alberty  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)    The author’s daughter plays in snow near the Devils Garden campground Nov. 29, 2015 at Arches National Park. Construction in 2017 to close Arches campground, some trailheads
    Arches National Park’s popular Devil’s Garden Campground will be closed for much of 2017 as the park begins a major road reconstruction program. The ...
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    (Erin Alberty  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)    An anhinga stretches its wings along the Convoy Point Trail on Jan. 29, 2016 in Biscayne National Park. The Turkey Point nuclear plant can be seen in the background. 12 Months of National Parks — No. 5, Biscayne: A threatened park claws its way forward
    Coming from Utah, it’s hard to imagine a national park with views of a city skyline. Sure, Zion Canyon may at times feel like Times Square, but our pa...

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    Courtesy of Ryan Mosley of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources  Black crappie, fathead minnow, sterile walleye, yellow perch, wiper, mountain whitefish, Colorado River cutthroat trout and tiger trout -- all seen L to R in this photo -- are the fish biologists have stocked into Red Fleet Reservoir. The minnows will provide food for the larger fish. Red Fleet fishery showing improvement
    The effort to improve and restore the fishery at Red Fleet Reservoir 10 miles north of Vernal apparently is going well. The reservoir was treated with...
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    (Erin Alberty  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)    The author’s daughter catches her balance on an icy pothole Dec. 2, 2015 on Whale Rock in Canyonlands National Park. 12 Months of National Parks — No. 4, Canyonlands: The best fun may require a child’s eyes
    One thing I regret as I take my daughter from national park to national park is that she won’t remember any of it. Saskia was 2 when we started, and ...
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    Floods cause Canyonlands backcountry road issues
    If you are planning on taking a four-wheel drive trip into Canyonlands in the next few days, check with rangers to see if where you are going is open....
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