The state of Alabama should be embarrassed to have its political leaders and specifically, Jim Ziegler the Alabama state auditor, twisting Christian scriptures to justify the sexual assault of minors. If a representative of that state cannot distinguish between the laws of the Middle East in 100 B.C. and the laws of the United States in 2017, how can we trust them to make sound decisions on behalf of the people in the present day?

As a Christian woman, I am outraged that modern men would twist history to violate the laws they are proclaiming to uphold. Ziegler, along with any state representative who suggests “there is nothing to see here,” must immediately come under review and judged whether they can any longer sit in the positions to which they were elected or appointed.

May future representatives who hold similar views to Ziegler’s speak loud so we may easily identify them. May we as citizens be wise enough and bold enough to speak out against such dangerous hypocrisy and vote for those who honorably align their actions with their words.

Adhis Boucha, Member of Mormon Women for Ethical Government, Draper