The brand new metal fencing that follows I-80 along the recently completed Parleys Trail has been left “natural” galvanized. Chain link, at its core, is eternally industrial, bordering on penitentiary. If you notice, the previous fencing in the older, original section, is black.

It is not lost on observers of border fencing that black material disappears. You can see right through it as if it weren’t there. The silver encapsulates you, blinds the viewer and eliminates the opportunity to see beyond to the mountain vista.

No wonder it was used in the private, quiet section away from the freeway and on the bridge over the on-ramp at 2300 East. It’s effective in preserving the trail’s natural setting and when allowing the bridge’s green superstructure to stand out.

Leaving fencing reflective is offensive to trail users and driving passersby. Paint it black.

Jeff Creveling, Millcreek