There is another way to perceive the actions of the athletes who bend a knee rather than stand for the national anthem. The act of taking a knee or “genuflecting” could also be perceived as the most reverent act that all people could do.

The word genuflect is defined as “to touch the knee to the floor or ground especially in worship.” Genuflection has a deep religious significance symbolizing pure respect and obeisance.

The fact that these athletes are bending their knee and their head while also touching their heart is not as some perceive it, as an act of disrespect to our flag, the symbol of all the freedom Americans possess. It is a pure act of uniting one’s head and heart. It is the acknowledgment that we recognize our shared American history, good and bad.

We acknowledge the inequalities in our society in order to enable us to forge a more perfect union under the symbol of our flag. These athletes have harmed no one. They have only exercised their right to honor our flag while also holding her accountable to provide the freedoms that she promises to all men and women in our society.

Susan Mullins, Millcreek