We all know, all of us, Republicans, Democrats and independents alike, that the current president has absolutely no interest in anything but money.

He can see land only as a source of wealth from drilling and fracking. He cares nothing for anything else. One of the major pillars of his administration is destroying everything President Obama put in place. While he’s about it, he’ll take away something another Democratic president, Bill Clinton, put in place: Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Unfortunately, too many people here in Utah don’t seem to realize that these lands are public lands and should remain in public hands. Too many Utahns don’t seem interested in the current president’s mishandling of his own businesses, his political corruption, his sleazy sexual escapades, or his callous disregard of anything even resembling compassion for the people he promised on his Inauguration Day to serve. Keep him out of Utah, him and his tiny hands wielding a destroying pen. Keep him out.

Julie Sobchack, Millcreek