We live in a world where men are taught they have dominant power over women. That it’s okay to hit on them and make them uncomfortable when it’s totally unnecessary or overwhelming. Because sex and relationships are natural, right?

We, as women are taught “cover up, don’t go out alone, always have your phone on you,” but, in all honesty, women should be allowed to wear whatever they want, go out whenever they want, because they want. Boys should be taught from a very young age that it is not appropriate, morally or ethically correct — and/or in any way, shape or form okay — to not treat women with the respect they deserve.

As a young woman, this directly affects the way I live and how those around me interact; it’s hard to live the life you want when there are people in the world like Harvey Weinstein, that are living examples, living “role models,” who people look up to. But when audiences aren’t paying attention, they are the furthest thing from a virtuous person as possible.

The same applies to men; they too, are sexually harassed by people, who have no respect or sense of discipline or moral conduct. But men can’t complain because they’re men, because boys don’t cry, because they should be flattered, but it’s just as wrong.

Just this past week, Harry Styles, an artist who tries to promote acceptance and make awareness for violence, was sexually harassed onstage at one of his events for cancer awareness.

We need to learn how to respect each other and ourselves. We aren’t objects. We have feelings. We are humans, and humans need respect.

Italia Karime Perez, Salt Lake City