I am puzzled that investigators are still searching in vain for Stephen Paddock’s motive in slaughtering and injuring hundreds of concert attendees in Las Vegas. The ATF has indicated that he purchased 47 guns, explosives and a huge stockpile of ammunition. It is fairly obvious he wanted to kill people, a lot of people. Otherwise, why would he purchase this arsenal?

If someone tries to purchase large amounts of Sudafed, we assume they are trying to manufacture meth. If someone doctor shops for opiates, we assume they have a drug problem or are selling drugs on the black market. Why do we assume that someone who is amassing an arsenal of weapons that are not for hunting, target shooting or personal protection is just an innocent gun collector? These aren’t revolutionary war muskets.

Please, let us enact some sensible gun control legislation. In the last 50 years, gun violence in the U.S. has killed more people than all the wars this country has fought since its inception.

Christine B. Helfrich, Millcreek