As a leading-edge member of the baby boom generation, who is looking at mandatory withdrawals next year at 70½ years old, I think the government has forgotten about this income.

This year and for the next 30 years people will be contributing at least 4 percent of their savings to their taxable income and be taxed on it. As a leading-edge baby boomer, I will be increasing my income every year, as I will be required to take increasing amounts from my, IRA and 401k each year. Everyone behind me will be doing the same. This money will go to funding the deficit reduction, or funding new programs.

Nowhere, that I have seen, is this new income projected in any projections. The government has the ability to project this income, based on deductions to income from the ’80s on to now, for all contributing to IRAs and 401ks. They can assume a conservative 3 to 4 percent growth on those deductions to project an unexpected “phantom” workforce (IRA and 401K income) coming into the taxable income of our country.

Garth Pellett, Sandy