Letter: Canceling our subscriptions due to lousy service

First Published      Last Updated Jul 17 2017 05:42 pm

For over 25 years we have been happy subscribers to both the Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune.

Today was the last straw and we will be canceling our subscription to both. I love the paper. I love holding it in my hand and reading both points of view from the papers. I understand that transition to digital media. Utah Media Group is doing an excellent job of killing the papers off. For the last year we have experienced either excellent delivery or no delivery. The delivery is so bad that even when we call several times they still don't deliver. Worse, we miss the premium papers that we have to pay extra for. Two calls Monday before they finally got it to us late morning. Three calls yesterday and we got it today. Today no paper even though we called. To make matters worse we can't even tell if we get a credit or not.

Our other frustration is that you would think that in the name of good customer relations those of us choosing to pay for hard copy would be entitled to a free digital subscription since it really doesn't cost any more. Today we could have read it online. A poor substitute, in my opinion, but better than getting no paper and no credit. I guess we will have to rely on the free news we get via the TV stations and internet.

Goodbye, Tribune, we will miss you.

Pauline Barney

West Valley City