Letter: The phenomena of Donald Trump

First Published      Last Updated Jun 18 2017 09:27 am

As a U.S. history major at the University of Utah, and minors in political science and economics, along with teaching high school for 35 years, I am completely befuddled, shocked, disenchanted and sorrowful for our nation due to the phenomena of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton's emails were a mistake, but Donald Trump has done well over 200 egregious acts that are worse than that, and he gets away with it. He is the true "Teflon Don." Just in the last few days he has met more than his quota of transgressions.

He had the entire Cabinet swear allegiance and fealty to him, inspired by the admiration that Kim Jong Un receives. He couldn't get James Comey to swear his loyalty, so he created this charade and probably wrote their scripts.

He has also initiated the Senate to do a health care plan by his 16 men that is top secret. And there had better be no leakers that divulge that it is really an $800 billion tax cut for the millionaires and billionaires.

I hope that someday the American people can start being more dismayed, as I am, to stop the travesties that have been accumulating for almost 150 days.

P.S. Try Googling demagogue and narcissistic personality disorder.

Byron Lund