Letter: Biskupski is right about UTA

First Published      Last Updated Jun 12 2017 07:12 am

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski is right on in telling the Utah Transit Authority to expect no money from the city in its plans for expanding its TRAX line as part of the airport expansion. The Tribune (June 5) cites the UTA's $2 billion debt and the lack of public trust as reasons the city would not want to allocate another $68.5 million for the cost of relocating the airport TRAX station.

I agree with the mayor: Let UTA find the funding itself or figure out a cheaper way for its customers to get to the airport from the current TRAX airport location.

In a related matter, Salt Lake City Council members should confirm state Sen. Jim Dabakis to the UTA board. Biskupski's selection of Dabakis is warranted despite the fact that he is inexperienced in the transportation industry. He is needed because he is a dedicated, honest public servant who would make a great watchdog over what is probably the most expensive, arrogant and corrupt Utah entity ever.

Its track record of wasted money in cost overruns, outlandish salaries and excessive bonuses has been a public-relations nightmare.

Dabakis needs to get on board to help straighten UTA out.

Marty Bernstein