Letter: One of the best columns I have read in years

First Published      Last Updated May 17 2017 05:00 am

I just finished one of the best columns I have read in years on the topic of political ideology versus economic reality: George Pyle's "Dumb politicians keep talking about smartphones." At its heart, one of the single best statements I have ever read on this topic: "Too many of our leaders can't tell the difference between civilization, which we owe one another, and mere stuff, which we don't."

How do we get the party presently led by a man who thinks he recently coined the phrase "priming the pump" to understand that without "the pump" there is no water for priming, or trickling down or anything else?

That without a healthy, educated populace, there is no pump?

That myopic focus on the size of the bucket one is able to hang below the spigot eventually yields nothing if the pump suffers perpetual abuse and neglect.

Thank you, George Pyle. This is a column worthy of a Pulitzer Prize-winning publication.

Robert Hammer

Salt Lake City